Grain Vodka

Grain Vodka

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Many grain vodkas are made from corn but we use an expensive combination of 65% malted barley and 35% rye. Nobody uses such a high quality grain bill in their vodka, but we wanted vodka with flavor. This is another vodka produced with both our pot still and column still to maintain the spice and character of the grains. This flavorful spirit is very popular with craft mixologists and in martini bars.

This vodka is very smooth with a slight spicy finish from the rye fraction. The malt fraction is 65% which may very well be the highest around... Why malt when it is so expensive? Because we like how it tastes.



10 Olives (of 10) -Spirits Review

Silver Medal (88 points) - Beverage Testing Institute

4 Stars - Beverage Experts


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