Double Diamond Whiskey
Double Diamond Whiskey

Double Diamond Whiskey

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Downslope’s signature whiskey shows our attention to the details that make our spirits unique. We start with floor malted English Marris Otter barley selected for its cask aging potential and a generous portion of US rye. We ferment with a proprietary yeast from Scotland and distill in our custom double diamond pot still utilized for its full flavors. Aged in both red wine casks and new charred American oak casks, the whiskey picks up a deep ruddy hue and a unique depth of character.  

The whiskey is Solera aged which involves blending the whiskies of several different ages from both new oak and wine barrels over their lifetime. It's blended to the taste of the master blender, to give a consistently well-rounded flavor profile. The whiskey that makes it to the bottle ends up being a blend of spirit that is 18 months to 5 years old. This is true American craft, imitating nothing and built layer upon layer according to our inspiration. It is a true hybrid whiskey made from 65% British floor malted barley and 35% North American rye. Distilled in our pot still in the manner of Scotch.



Gold Medal - Craft Lager and Small Batch

Gold Medal - Beverage Testing Institute

Silver Medal - American Distilling Institute 

Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition

8 Olives (of 10) - Spirit Review

Bronze Medal - Micro Spirits Award

Bronze Medal - Denver International Spirits Competition

89 Points - Whiskey Bible 2013


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