Ould Tom Gin

Ould Tom Gin

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Voted Highest Rated Gin by Wine Enthusiast.

When one thinks of gin that thought usually comes to rest squarely on the London Dry style of gin, a very dry gin which is very heavy on the juniper and citrus and derived from an infusion of neutral grain spirits. Our gin is distilled from cane sugar instead of grain, the spirit that is infused is first pot distilled and is anything but neutral. The infusion of the 21 botanicals is done in a small hybrid still. Instead of lying about in the still, the botanicals and the spirit are married in the vapors as they ascend the column. 

This product uses gluten free ingredients and does not use neutral spirit nor any commercial flavorings. Old Tom gin is a style characterized by a slightly sweet and highly herbal character, less juniper forward than your typical London dry. Juniper is of course present but balanced among the botanicals and citrus.


Tasting Notes 

Aroma: A blend of bright citrus, juniper and exotic spices with a caramel backbone. Flavor: A pleasing viscosity carries the taste of all of the botanicals across the pallet ending in a juniper and cardamom finish.

Overall: A full-bodied gin that shares the flavor stage among all the botanicals.



94 points - Wine Enthusiast

Highest Rated Gin - Top 50 Spirits of 2013 Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Silver Medal -  American Distilling Institute

Bronze Medal - Denver International Spirits Competition

Silver Medal -San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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