Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class
Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class

Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class

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Downslope Distilling Inc
6770 South Dawson Circle, #400
Centennial, Colorado 80112, US


3 Day hands-on workshop to learn how to make Whiskeys (scotch style single malt and bourbon style whiskey), Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Agave Spirits.  Learn to make all of these spirits in a small group 3-day class.

Workshops are held at a licensed working distillery in Centennial Colorado which is a suburb of Denver. These classes are designed for the beginner hobbyist distiller through experienced distiller and brewer. A fun, hands-on way of learning how to make quality spirits.



The Hands-On Distilling Workshop Course Consists Of:
  • Complete step by step start to finish on the fermentation side
  • Grain mashes, cane sugar washes, rum washes, and agave washes
  • Water quality and PH adjustments
  • Using a hydrometer with temperature corrections
  • Understanding starch conversion and fermentable sugars
  • Enzymes and yeast
Distillation Process
  • Also included in these workshops is distilling the spirit using a 16 gallon Mile Hi Flute still with up to 6 plated sections
  • Understanding the blueprint of a still and how the still works
  • How to make the cuts. Foreshots, Heads, Hearts, and Tails
  • Temperatures, percentage, and output
  • Stripping runs and spirit runs
  • Alcohol percentage and proof
  • How to produce quality spirits

Post Distillation Process
  • Blending spirits
  • Filtration of vodkas and rums
  • Aging spirits