Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class
Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class
Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class
Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class

Downslope Distilling Hands On Workshop 3 Day Class

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Experience the thrill of distilling with the Downslope Distilling Hands-On Workshop 3-Day Class! Our expert team will guide you through every aspect of the distilling process. You'll get to participate in every stage of the process, gaining a deep understanding of the art and science of spirit-making.

Throughout the workshop, you'll learn about the history of distilling, the different types of stills, the selection and preparation of grains, and the art of barrel aging. You'll also get to taste a wide range of spirits, from our award-winning Whiskey to our innovative Agave Spirit.

At the end of the workshop, you'll take home a deeper appreciation for the craft of distilling and a newfound confidence. Whether you're a seasoned homebrewer or a curious novice, the Downslope Distilling Hands-On Workshop 3-Day Class is an experience you won't want to miss.

Downslope Distilling Inc
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3 Day hands-on workshop to learn how to make Whiskeys (scotch style single malt and bourbon style whiskey), Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Agave Spirits.  Learn to make all of these spirits in a small group 3-day class.

Workshops are held at a licensed working distillery in Centennial Colorado which is a suburb of Denver. These classes are designed for the beginner hobbyist distiller through experienced distillers and brewers. A fun, hands-on way of learning how to make quality spirits.



The Hands-On Distilling Workshop Course Consists Of:
  • Complete step by step start to finish on the fermentation side
  • Grain mashes, cane sugar washes, rum washes, and agave washes
  • Water quality and PH adjustments
  • Using a hydrometer with temperature corrections
  • Understanding starch conversion and fermentable sugars
  • Enzymes and yeast
Distillation Process
  • Also included in these workshops is distilling the spirit using a 16-gallon Mile Hi Flute still with up to 6 plated sections
  • Understanding the blueprint of a still and how the still works
  • How to make the cuts. Foreshots, Heads, Hearts, and Tails
  • Temperatures, percentages, and output
  • Stripping runs and spirit runs
  • Alcohol percentage and proof
  • How to produce quality spirits

Post Distillation Process
  • Blending spirits
  • Filtration of vodkas and rums
  • Aging spirits


All Classes are 9AM - 4PM MST